Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries

A/V  |  Control Systems | Project Management 

A joint effort between Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, IBM, and Clarkson University, the Center for Environmental Innovation and Education is home to the flagship River and Estuary Observatory Network initiative which monitors the physical, chemical and biological changes to the entire Hudson River in real time.

A multi-purpose building was needed for videoconferencing, broadcasting and simulcasting seminars, workshops, exhibits, public forums and cultural and social events.

Beacon Estuary Video Presentation Wall

A turn-key integrated system

Like many institutions of this type, the technical solutions require a user-friendly interface so that they can be intuitively operated by a wide range of users. BSCM designed and built the AV and control systems around a series of custom touchscreens that can be mounted in a podium or on to handheld wireless devices. They allow the user to control the Main Space’s professional theatrical lighting, window shades, projectors, screens, the volume levels of all rooms, the THX Surround sound and overhead speaker systems, videoconferencing, DVD playback, satellite TV broadcast and the room configuration. There is even a wireless headset system for hearing impaired visitors and live translations.