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Big Show provides a range of management services for projects that require a high degree of integration, technical difficulty, theatrical lighting, audio, video, projection and automation.

Architects, builders, and clients consult with us at the onset of a project to understand the specific design, infrastructure and power grid challenges that come with technical integration; the labor, time and cost implications of working with new materials; and the local compliance requirements.

We are frequently called to project manage a particularly technical or theatrical aspect for a builder with general contracting skills who requires experience with theatrical equipment, AV, or other technical challenges. We can also manage entire builds as construction manager or general contractor and we partner/manage locally for architects, designers and builders from around the world who need a local presence on the ground.

We create theatrical specifications and technical designs. We do full budgeting from Rough Order of Magnitude through budget close-out. While discovery and adaptation are part of any building project, we strive to provide real-world pricing that reflects the expected costs through project completion so that clients have realistic planning numbers and fewer nasty surprises.

Our projects span the world, from Macau to Las Vegas.

Wynn Lake of Dreams Puppet Mechanics

Technical Design

We have 30+ years experience creating innovative mechanical and technical solutions for projects that call for a high degree of integration. We start with the visions of creators, sometimes working from little more than a cocktail napkin or description, and turn them into full-scale functional stages, exhibits, and events.

Wynn Projection test, Water Screen Night

3D Projection Mapping Automation | A/V


We’ve projection mapped Manhattan landmarks, built the largest LED screen display in the world, put a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Times Square, and made hundreds of thousands of pounds of machinery rise, fall, twist, turn and come to a precision stop.

Part of our success is that everyone has a background in theater.  So whether we’re building a magic show, a 30′ mechanical puppet, or projecting images onto a wall of moving water, we are conscious of the final effect that needs to be achieved, and we pay attention to the detail, and balance of every element.

Treasure island ship sinking test


Some of the questions we’ve answered “Yes” to:

Can you sink a ship in the desert?
Can you make six white tigers disappear?
Can you install an animatronic tyrannosaur?
Can you make a 100′ curtain out of fog?
Can you set a man on fire without harming him?
Can you project on a waterfall?
Can you build a stage that is sometimes a pool and sometimes a puddle and then a dry stage again — instantly?

What question do you have?