Brookfield Properties Showroom

Brookfield Properties Showroom

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We created a contemporary interactive display for a flagship marketing suite. This large-scale  architectural model of the neighborhood around Brookfield’s latest New York City project called for a seamless 13×40-inch touchscreen serving as both the interface for the interaction and a display for presentation.

Brookfield Properties display lighted

custom HD+ display

Big Show engineered a custom touch-sensitive display surface with twice the resolution of standard HD. The display not only provides a kiosk-like user experience with facts, figures and photos of the project but also controls embedded LED fixtures throughout the model that highlight the relevant parts of the cityscape as the user navigates the touchscreen.  Other features of the room include a six-screen HD panoramic video presentation about Brookfield’s global properties, a dual screen HD Lounge area with surround sound and a fully functional conference room, controllable from a central wireless touchscreen.