Paley Center Kissinger Conference Room

Kissinger Global Conference Room – Paley Center for Media

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Museums and institutions increasingly demand flexible meeting spaces that answer the need for sophisticated presentations.  Adding complexity is the need for these spaces to be intuitive for users, who often comprise multiple levels of staff, members, or outsiders.    

When you’re the Paley Center for Media, the functions of the space are multiplied along with the expectations implied by “Media.”  The room functions as a high end conference space for meetings of the Paley Center’s media councils as well as a space that is flexible enough to handle catered events with multiple seating arrangements for an array of functions.

With design and architecture services provided by Lee H. Skolnick + Design, Big Show led the construction of the Kissinger Global Conference Room.Paley Center Conference Room


A host of options at the touch of a button

As a venue for media councils and external clients, the space required robust, flexible, user-friendly teleconferencing and video playback capabilities. One side of the room has a 65” touch screen interactive presentation that displays Paley content from their own archives and illustrates the worldwide reach of the Paley Center’s media studies. It also displays live television from multiple sources or prerecorded presentations. Other options in the room include automated sun and blackout shades, two automated projection screens, three robotic cameras for teleconferencing and broadcast quality recording, twenty-two table microphones with cross-room noise cancelling, and sixteen floor outlet locations with presentation, recording and amplification capabilities. All of the technology is controlled by way of a wireless Crestron control panel and functions can be scheduled to happen automatically.