“O” Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio

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If any theater experience can be described as “immersive,” it is surely “O,” a production that takes place on a stage that is also a pool with instantly variable depths.  Performers rise from and plunge into a diving pool, skim along the water, descend on carousel horses that become motorized boats, float downstream on a housetop, dive from a swinging Viking ship, and amaze packed crowds.


A magnum “O”pus

As technical director for the show, Rod led the development of the systems that make the magic happen — from the opening flyaway curtain, to stage elements such as the sequence in which riders descend a rotating carousel into the water, detach and motor away on their now powered ‘horse boats’; hydraulics that react with split second timing to move performers from walking on water to diving from the heights, to the crucial backstage and underwater airway support systems for the cast, to sound and lighting integration.