Rocket park hole 3 zero gravity

Rocket Park Mini Golf NY Hall of Science

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The key to a successful interactive exhibit is the integration of learning and play. Rocket Park at the New York Hall of Science is a forward-thinking example which teaches key principles of physics through the mechanics of nine holes of miniature golf.

Rocket park grounds

A Challenge on the Ground

Built on the 1964 World’s Fairgrounds, the site had undergone numerous changes over the decades, so Big Show recommended a survey to determine the stability of the underlying terrain using ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic scanning to determine whether any structures or footings were remaining that might impede excavation. We then built a concrete and compacted aggregate foundation to provide stability and prevent settling in this high-traffic area.

Astrophysics at Play

Each hole was fabricated from sculptural foam and glass fiber reinforced concrete. A recycled rubber play surface provides stability and safety. Guests are guided along the course by colorful Folia graphic panels to holes comprised of scenic painted planets and other props relevant to the lessons in astrophysics offered at each stop. Special effects range from a rocket that blasts off after a successful putt, to a field of spinning Space Junk the player has to pilot their ball through.