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China: Through the Looking Glass Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Not even the success of their previous shows could have prepared the Met Museum for the popularity of China: Through the Looking Glass.  Described as an “immersive performance,” over 800,000 visitors experienced the show “akin to the sensory overload of a theme park; noise, color, moving images, and the brilliant, opulent visuals.”


exhibit integrated into entertainment

We used multiple elements of our technology and theatrical wizardry to bring the desired experiences to life in each themed gallery.  Giant LCD screens and dozens of projectors displayed film scenes from Chinese directors Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Ang Lee, and Wong Kar Wai.  A ‘moon’ reflected in a black glass ‘pool’ where costumes floated like lilies.  Within the room the source of the projection could not be discerned. Custom LED panel lighting set various moods from the hard-edged and futuristic to the nostalgic. Ambient music and movie soundtracks guided the visitor through an evolution of influences.