Westgate Resorts Las Vegas – Superbook LED Wall

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Westgate Resorts, the industry leader in the development of themed destination now has the world’s largest LED Video wall inside the Westgate Superbook at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The an enormous curved array measures 20 feet tall and 220 feet wide and is comprised of 1,640 2.5millimeter Christie Velvet LED tiles boasting more than 65 million pixels. The video wall spans the length of the world’s largest sports book to create a stadium-like experience in which every seat in the newly renovated Westgate Superbook is a “front-row” experience.

They had a system concept, the LED tiles were already selected and even the mounting system had been designed. What they were missing was someone who knew how to take was essentially a giant A/V integration project and run it like a construction project. When an A/V project is as big as this was that’s what it is; a construction project. But you still need someone with technical expertise to run it.

it had to be a “game changer”

Big Show provided boots on the ground for HB communications, the A/V integrator. We developed a realistic construction schedule with an eye on the extremely critical deadline. The Superbook had to open on time no matter what. And, it couldn’t close down for even a day. Big Show’s team of site supervisors ran the job site and stepped in wherever there was a need for a little extra help. We re-engineered the rigging system for the temporary projection system and got it all up and running in one night.

“This is a game-changer for our property and a game-changer for the industry,” Westgate COO Mark Waltrip said in an article on Covers.com. “We’re going to set a very high bar for what a sportsbook should look and feel like.”