NY_Hall_of_Science_Interactive_Projection_of waterfall and walls

Connected Worlds NY Hall of Science

A/V  | Control Systems  |  Automation  |  Project Management  |  Technical Design  |  Technical Integration  

Interactive design takes a virtual leap in this technical feat for the New York Hall of Science. Visitors interact with six environments: jungle, desert, wetlands, mountain valley, reservoir, and plains. Each has its own trees, plants, and animals, fed by a 38-ft high projected waterfall that ‘flows’ onto a 2300 square foot interactive floor.

We designed and supervised the construction and installation of the exhibit area within the Great Hall, to accommodate the projected program without touching the walls of the landmarked space.  A 15,000 pound truss was suspended in the space to support 15 projectors, 3 cameras and a host of network and fiber optic equipment.

We engineered the projection and audio system and devised a modular projection surface for the floor.  All aspects of the exhibit were created to be movable to accommodate events in the space.

NY_Hall_of_Science_Interactive_Projection_view of truss