Audi Forum Park Avenue Showroom

Audi Showroom

A/V | Control Systems | Custom Materials | General Contracting

Flagship retail on Park Avenue in New York calls for extra showmanship. When it’s for a manufacturer with Audi’s reputation, the demands for fit and finish are even higher. For the Audi “Forum,” as it is known, we worked with the company’s German and American architects and designers to create a stunning mix of glass and custom lacquered panels with floor to ceiling mural graphics.


Audi Forum NYC showroom interior media track

Special Event and interior touches

For the featured LED sign that travels continuously throughout the showroom along a 185 ft long track, we designed a video control system and wireless motion control system that allows the sign to play programmed or live content and to move continuously or stop at a number of predetermined positions in the showroom to serve as an attraction, as a static surface for presentations, and as an entertainment element.  The A/V system provides both ambient and event-driven programming throughout the space.  And last but not least, the entire floor is a special hand-troweled epoxy resin finish to stand up to the heavy traffic of both cars and people.