Wynn Projection test, Water Screen Night

Wynn Las Vegas Lake of Dreams

Consulting  |  Project Management  |  Technical Design  |  A/V  |  Control Systems  |  Automation

The vision for Lake of Dreams is a crowd-pleasing spectacle with the flexibility to refresh the show and maintain interest. We developed a menu of projection systems, fog systems, water effects and robotics and created the systems to give show creators a full range of options. We coordinated with the construction team to integrate the technical needs of the show into the scope of the overall building structure.

Wynn Lake of Dreams Puppet Mechanics

Constructing a Theater inside a Mountain to Project on a Waterfall

Big Show developed the specifications for the hydraulics, stage machinery, fog & mist effects, projection, robotics, show control, and projection surfaces. We created conceptual stage machinery drawings, conduit layouts, control room drawings, and piping layouts.  These infrastructure drawings were incorporated into the architectural drawing package so the construction of the mountain could proceed while the exact needs of the show were still being determined.  We managed the fabrication and integration by the system vendors throughout installation.