Sony Wonder station

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

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The Sony Wonder Technology Lab was a 4-story dynamic technology and entertainment museum designed to inspire creativity in a high-quality, engaging, and family-friendly learning environment.

Sony Wonder Interactive Museum 

Creating Wow that can take Wear and Tear

One of the greatest challenges for today’s interactive museum environments is creating a robust interface for the enthusiastic handling by thousands of young visitors.  Big Show was integral to the development, design,  construction, fabrication and integration of the new exhibits, including Personalized Digital Profiles for each visitor, real-time projected 3D diagrams of each visitor within the museum, giant hi-definition gaming consoles with surround sound and vibrating floors, a Dynamic Motion Capture to translate visitor’s moves onto Sony animated characters, Virtual Surgery with haptic response, Music, Video Editing, and Television production studios and a High Definition theater.

For the renovation and upgrade of the LEED Certified 3rd and 4th floors BSCM partnered with Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design, to integrate complex ground-breaking technology into a user-friendly and visually intriguing environment.